Contact Forms

Get your required custom made forms as per your need today

WordPress is free CMS built with PHP in the frontend and MYSQL as a database and the gravity forms created with WordPress is considered the best tool for building forms in the market. For the past 4 years Salterra have made use of the gravity forms extensively in all their campaigns. With more than 100 forms custom made they have a strong experience is building forms as per your requirement. The website is created in a manner where the customer can either purchase forms that are prepared already or take the services of the team to create forms as per the customer requirements. If you wish to use the gravity forms then you will need to buy the license from them. The Custom Made Contact Forms created by the company Salterra will help you save a lot of time and money however keep in mind that once the forms are delivered to you there cannot be any refund or return possible.

All the forms that are created can be converted or exported to a CSV file as there is WordPress in the backend. For payment processing all the major payment gateways are affiliated to it. With just a click you can have your gravity forms in emails to be converted to PDF. Different types of forms are readily available for business to make use of from forms for insurance to employment applications they have it all. Gravity plugins have been a game changer in the custom forms industry as customers can now get the forms as per their need immediately. If none of the pre defined forms in the website match your needs then you can either purchase the gravity forms or have the company design forms customized as per your want.

As all the files downloaded from the website is CSV compatible, it doesn’t take a toll on your storage capacity. Salterra are known for their clear understanding of creating forms for its customer base in an affordable and time bound manner hence look no further and order your forms today.