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Japanese Translation Company – The most indispensable tool for cost savings is…


Now, that may sound like a “doh” statement; however, know that in a culture of “I need this like yesterday already” very little planning actually gets done. The advantage of this simple act will keep money in your pocket, though.

Here’s how:

  • Eliminate the need for express translation fees.
  • Allow you to determine the costs of a translation project, to a certain degree.
  • Avoid the indirect and hidden costs of poor Japanese translation quality.

(Naturally, there are many other benefits that accrue, such as time & energy savings.)

How does planning allow you to determine project cost? Well planned projects actually save the Japanese translation company money, and those savings are passed on to you!

The translation folks have plenty of experience working translation projects and are immediately able to identify clients and projects that are high maintenance. One of the telltale signs is endless emails with “just one more question” — This behavior indicates that the client has not thought through his or her project sufficiently which means no planning has taken place beyond “I need this translated”. Naturally, that additional cost will be factored into the Japanese English translation costs.

However, with a little bit of upfront planning you can turn these potential costs in savings. For example, by getting your project in early, you could be entitled to an early bird discount – A simple thing that keeps money in your pocket!

The advice offered here is from translation industry insiders that see the same budget busting, quality wrecking behaviors day in and day out, and really boils down to common sense. Having said that, I would draw folks’ attention to the scariest aspect of the cost-quality trade-off: that is, the indirect and hidden costs of poor quality Japanese translation. The reason why is because even seasoned professionals seldom appreciate the long-term implications, and therefore the true cost in treasure and blood (yes, people have died as a result), of “doing cheap”.

It is difficult to place the appropriate amount of emphasis on planning — Lack of any planning leeches money from your pocket and, on the other hand, the simply act of planning will ensure you laugh all the way to the bank!

(Note that this article is not to discourage anyone from putting project related questions to the Japanese translation company; it’s about asking the right questions at the right time as determined by your planning.)